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  CANCELLED: Calendar of Events: 2020  (calendar Link)

An Important Message from your BBI Association President:

With COVID-19 conditions and the restrictions for recreational activities including requirements applicable to the facilities we use, the BBI Association Summer activities are cancelled. This includes, but is not limited to: square dancing, mixers and the BBI Association Annual Meeting. It is the hope of your board that we can re-evaluate this situation later in the summer for possibly reinstating some of the activities. For now, we will need to cancel all of the activities that we have scheduled.

Your BBI Association Board is currently in the process of updating the Island Directory and will let you know how the new directories will be made available to you. Please update your contact information and pay your 2020 membership dues right away. This will allow us to list you in the new directory and to publish your correct contact information. See the link below for membership and contact information.

Please stay healthy!  Carol Blundy, Bois Blanc Island Association President

2020-2021 BBI Directory

The Bois Blanc Island Directory 2020-2021 is now available. If you are a current member of the association,

your directory is at no charge, extra directories are $10 each to members. Non-members may purchase a

directory for $15 each, or may become a member and get one for free. Please contact Carol Blundy for

information on how to receive your directory. Carol's email is:

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click here for access to the membership form

  1. Using your computer, type in the information on the form
  2. Print the form
  3. Write a check
  4. Send the form to the address shown on the form or as shown below.


$20 basic annual - includes Island Directory and the Tatler newsletter

Island Directory without membership - $10

Make dues check payable to Bois Blanc Island Association. Send to:

Jamie Nye

6901 Clintonville Road

Clarkston, MI 48348

What Have We Been Doing?

Our membership dues support various improvements and enhancements to Island life suggested by members for consideration. Approximately $3000 a year is spent on the East, West and Pines areas of the island. Some of those things include sidewalk repair/replacement, financial support to Island Organizations such as our BBI Fire Department, and the upgrading of first aid equipment to mention a few recent BBIA contributions. Plus our membership dues also pays for the Island Directory that is updated every 2-3 years and for the printing and distribution of the Tatler newsletter.


Carol Blundy, President

Suzette Cooley-Sanborn, Vice President                      

Kathy Landschulz, Secretary

Jamie Nye, Treasurer


Pines - Joyce Peccon, Kathy Landschulz, Robin Lees, Jamie Nye

East End - Bob Stowe, Jim Blamer, Susie Phillips

West End - Carol Blundy, Tom Wybranowski, JoAnna Duncan, Suzette Cooley-Sanborn



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