Board of Directors

The foundation was established in 1999. Since then it has been a focus to maintain the purity of the island. BBICF was set up to preserve the livelihood of the citizens of the island and their needs.


(S) John Maynard - President



(E) Sarah Bloom - Vice President


(W) Ann Wroblewski - Secretary



(E) Anne Kennedy - Treasurer



(E/W) Suzette Cooley-Sanborn

sccs025@gmail. com


(W) Connie Riopelle

(P) Vicki Lewis

(P) Lee Caulkins Keller



(W) Bill Akright


(W) Bruce Rayce

(S) Jeff Liedel - Vice President

(E) Linda Sucher


(E) Lori & Stephen Doughty






          E= East End     P=Pines     S=South Side     W=West End








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Bois Blanc Island Community Foundation.  Member of Community Foundation Northeast Michigan.